The Power Within

What is that power?It is the power of self-discipline. Why do i need such a power?You will be able to do what you want and when you want to do. That's liberation. Where should i go to get it?It's just within. How can i get it?Constant practice. What should i practice?Doing what is right. What … Continue reading The Power Within


Anger – Calm

Age old is this emotion of aggression, defense and instinct of protection. It's similar to courage. Anger comes out as an outburst of energy to protect yourself or your flock from danger or an attack. Battles of the world were fought with courage and aggression, much required for survival or protection of one's own life, … Continue reading Anger – Calm


Do we have it enough? It's debatable if we open it to prove whether being patient is good at all times. In Telugu, it's written like this: "తన కోపమె తన శతృవు తన శాంతమె తనకు రక్ష దయ చుట్టంబౌ" "Anger is one's enemy, Peace is one's protection, Kindness is one's relative." To not to bring upon the … Continue reading Patience

How to create a successful student life, pass difficult subjects, etc?

Yes, you can create it. Thanks God! I passed my exams, and you can too. Discover yourself! Answer these questions after some thought. What is your role as a student? Why do exams exist? What are the advantages of clearing exams? Are you willing to let go any of the advantages? Which advantage would you … Continue reading How to create a successful student life, pass difficult subjects, etc?