Do we have it enough?

It’s debatable if we open it to prove whether being patient is good at all times.

In Telugu, it’s written like this:

“తన కోపమె తన శతృవు తన శాంతమె తనకు రక్ష దయ చుట్టంబౌ”

“Anger is one’s enemy,

Peace is one’s protection,

Kindness is one’s relative.”

To not to bring upon the enemy from within, or around, it requires a greater degree of self-awareness, understanding of one’s nature and self-control.

Simply put, be patient. Keep calm and cool. Carry-on your activities with less expectations to receive and more to offer.

Have patience for people to grow. Each one is different and takes their own time.

Finally, forgive. It’s therapeutic.

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