Say NO to suicide

No Suicide! Please! – Choose Life! Life and Life alone! Change the way of living if it’s difficult to live.

Life is not challenging all the time. Sometimes, it is easy and sometimes, it is crazy. We experience pleasure, and sometimes pain. There come situations of fame and glory, while sometimes, we do see shame and sorry.

One needs to understand that Life is a package of experiences – importance given only to any one aspect / event of life, and thinking about it or making it the entire life – is not the way to go about it – and definitely not if the event or thought process is in the direction of losing life.

Please! Remember!!

  • You are the most important asset you have. Not the assets you accumulate. Just hold on! We can resurrect!
  • Your fame is an accumulation and shame too is. They can be removed or added with certain activities and in a certain time. It’s not impossible. Just hold on! We can devise a plan!
  • You have a family – that produced you, that came along and that you produced! Just hold on! Let’s have a word! Hi is better than a bye!!
  • You have friends – that laughed with you, cried with you, teased you and teased by you! that lent things for you when you needed, those who lied for you to cover you up when you made a mistake, those who kept the ugliest of your secrets, those who stopped you from lying, those who helped you gain a lot more than what you had thought of! Just hold on! Count them once.
  • You have donated your stuff – do you remember? Just hold on and not stop! We got to do more of it!
  • You have enemies – wait, hang on! let them be around you and not in your mind! Just hold on! We can go away from them – doing better things – they hadn’t even dreamed of! If you give up, they win – and don’t let them win by making stupid mistakes of thinking negatively about yourself.
  • Situations may tell you, people may tell you, even the closest you kept to your heart may tell you that you are lame, failure or an idiot, or even a dumb fellow! Just hold on! That’s their thought process, of course, about you! We can fix that! Haven’t you seen success movies full of failures until the climax and the climax was terrific? Update your movie list. Watch “cast away” right away!
  • A seed, at the right time and in a right environment, germinates, grows, fruits and further has the potential to create an entire forest out just itself. Even the best of the plants get bugs and live through harsh climate. They are surviving the deadliest of things happening to them and still giving us fruit! You are a human being! Think not of the thoughts of poison and death! Think of life, and life all the time! For sure, you can create a 100 children of your own before you die, if you take it up as a goal! Even if you can’t produce great work of art or of value, you can produce life – and it can take it’s own course! Just hang on! You are the seed with a potential to live eternally! We can get the right moment!
  • It may seem like the end of the world – trust me, no one cares after an year or two – do you think about our freedom fighters or even the freedom takes every day? Do you live in the history or do you live with hope of the future in the present? Don’t you let the weeds of shame, failure or any significant unpleasant experience grow beyond a few mins if not seconds. Pluck them out and plant the thoughts of life and life alone. Bring out the creative genius within you – look for those who you had helped once. talk to them and see how you can help them again!
  • If you are really all alone, talk to me! I want you alive. Don’t let the moment take you over. Let it pass. And you have a whole new life awaiting, if and only if you can win over that dying moment with life!

Please live and let live! Just listen! Judge less and make it easy for people around you!

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