The Power Within

What is that power?
It is the power of self-discipline.

Why do i need such a power?
You will be able to do what you want and when you want to do. That’s liberation.

Where should i go to get it?
It’s just within.

How can i get it?
Constant practice.

What should i practice?
Doing what is right.

What is right for me?
There are some universal things – generally right for everyone. I have listed some of them below. For everyone, there may be some specific things which are right for them – and only you can answer those for yourself.

What is the general list?
First and the foremost of all, let us recognize that we are perfect to the extent possible at any given moment, and also not perfect to the extent it was not possible. In other words, as the saying goes, Nobody is perfect. We all have something good within us and something not so good within us – and at different times of our lives, we experience ourselves differently – and perceive same things differently.


Even to this list there are exceptions possible for every item here – for everyone is different and everyone’s dose of the rightness and wrongness is also different.

  • Taking care of the body and being hygienic and healthy – this is where we live for the whole of our life – to experience life (which happens within us) we have to respect the body we live in. It’s our first tool.
    • breathe well and deeply
    • eat well and more live foods
    • sleep well and restfully – it translates to living peacefully
    • exercise well and being fit
    • avoid shallow breathing, smoking, etc.
    • avoid poisoning the body with unnecessary items – drugs, too much alcohol, and other chemical substances.
    • avoid bad habits of food and drink
    • avoid excess or less rest
    • avoid over exercising or bodily laziness
  • Taking care of emotional and mental health – it’s the next tool and it’s within us.
    • letting go harmful / hurt oriented emotions – anger, jealousy, irritability, greed, etc… of similar kind – it frees up your within to bring forth positive possibilities
    • letting go of pain in painful memories – it makes the discarded pain within as the fertilizer for your learning and growth as a better person
    • letting go of the expectations of how the world / people around you should interact / behave with you – it makes you self-reliant and more acceptable around as your less demanding from within
    • going forward to help people around you to the extent possible (and in some cases comfortable) – it brings forth happiness and joy from within
    • Have a good sense of humor – laugh more and more than you frown – and, beware, don’t let someone’s downfall or limitation be the source of your laughter!
  • Think (you are generating thoughts from within) constructive and clean thoughts:
    • think about possibilities and solutions more than the problems
    • think about healing more than the illness
    • think about success more than the failure
    • think about inclusion more than exclusion
    • think about life more than death
  • Recognizing that you are more than just your body and mind – and there is more to discover within us about ourselves – which is more lively and making us live.
    • Be aware of your thoughts and emotions
    • Be aware of what you speak
    • Be aware of what you do
    • Even if you miss the moment of action to be aware, retrospect
    • Don’t judge yourself or come to conclusions while you try to be aware of yourself – you are trying to discover yourself
    • And, you are just aware for a certain period of time in your day – otherwise, called meditation.
  • Give positive inputs to yourself – that’s what your within will be built with.
    • talk to your mentor or your inspirational personality that you admire in your life – there may be many if you look back – be in touch with them
    • read a good book
    • listen to a good audio
    • watch a good video
    • spend time in a group of people that increase your vibe and bring forth your life and make you happy – and, some people find groups of indulgence make them happy – stay away from them – rule of thumb, we should not induce poison or cause harm to our first tool (our own body) – that’s where we live.
  • Achieve you Goals.
    • Have high goals and constantly work towards achieving them
    • Don’t underestimate yourself – and don’t overestimate either – but be sure that there are infinite possibilities for every human if you remove time and place completely.
    • Given any situation – particular time, place and circumstances – there will always be certain possibilities and certain limitations.
    • Work with your possibilities – overcome the inner limitations and go around your outer / circumstantial limitations – this is an ultimate practice in itself – to build the strength of our within.
    • Write down your goals – write them again and again, on each day and everyday
    • If you are feeling lazy to write them down one day, that is the day, you must do.

I thought of writing just a little bit – and, it looks like this page is not stopping here. So, i will take a pause and write a little more later.

This page is a reminder to everyone of us – first in the list is myself.

How do you connect within? What are your thoughts?

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